Short doco with ‘f2m: the boy within’ authors on Youtube

Ryan Kennedy co-wrote his debut novel ‘f2m: the boy within’ (Ford Street Publishing) with well known Australian author Hazel Edwards. The subject of transitioning gender in a Young Adult novel, co-written by an actual ftm (female to male) author was a first.

This Kailash Studios documentary is about reactions to this controversial novel. Psychologist Meredith Fuller interviews the co-authors and director Brian Walsh who is also a psychologist, produced the documentary.

Watch 14 minute version:

For a full version and enquiries on the documentary and to obtain a full version (25 minutes), contact Kailash Studios:

f2m: the boy within

Published by Ford Street Publishing

Hazel Edwards


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Read first 2 chapters of ‘f2m’ free online – new ebook version

f2m Readings coverLast year Hazel and I we were very pleased to announce the Kindle version of ‘f2m: they boy within’. We’re now equally chuffed to present the version, available from Readings online for AUD$14.95.

A great feature of the Readings site is the ability to browse the first few pages of a book. You can read  2 chapters (or 18 pages, but a ‘page’ is a relative concept in ebooks) of ‘f2m: the boy within’ before you buy. I’ve spent some quality time browsing other Ford Street books this afternoon and can see my wishlist quickly expanding.

I hadn’t heard of this particular type of ebook format so I did some digging on which devices are compatible. The Compatibility Chart list compatible web browsers and smart devices, including most surprisingly the Kindle 3. The ones marked ‘Yes’ allow you to download the book and read when you’re offline.

So once again we’re celebrating having made ‘f2m: the boy within’ more accessible than ever!

Read the first two chapters of ‘f2m: the boy within’ online


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