1. Klasse Artikel. Sehr informativ und verständlich geschrieben. Mal eine Frage darüber hinaus. Ist es zulässig unerwünschte Werbe-Mails oder Post samt Anschreiben (inkl. Kontaktdaten) im Internet zu veröffentlichen?

  2. Bergstein Gumboots to keep their puddle jumping socks dry. Munster Esky Jacket cause it looks just like Daddies. And the Mini and Maximus ‘I cut my own hair’ T-shirt, cause sometimes mummies homemade haircuts look a little bit like this!

  3. Hi Mr. Atom, unfortunately I’m not able to test the behaviour in a WebView but would be very interested to find out. It needs to be able to get window.location as if it was on a webserver to work properly so I’m thinking it probably won’t work. Could you post your results? Thanks for using the plugin, sorry I can’t help more.

  4. zegt:Bob,Kijk, dat hoor ik graag En als je de bezoekers van Veelkantie dan ook nog een beetje op de hoogte wil houden en een fotografisch bewijs kunt leveren neem ik je nog op in ook    0 likes

  5. Yay! Great job on all the projects. I plan to make some Scrubby O’s and mini Scrubby O’s. After I made my 1st Scrubby, I wanted a smaller one so I made one using less pegs (I beleive, i didn’t write it down, just winged it).

  6. Devo chiedere scusa a Paolo, ma vedere una persona che altrove sputa veleno e rancore venir qua a fare domande “serie” e a PRETENDERE risposte mi fa andare il sangue agli occhi.E che stamattina ero buono…SalutiHanmar

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