David Byrne in Wellington

Photo of David Byrne concert.

David Byrne concert - not Wellington but similar (photo by furnstein)

David Byrne is so weird! Still weird. He gives a small amount of himself; a slice in every song, and every song is a slice of him. But there seems so much more, a vast storehouse of David to be drawn out for years to come.

Wearing white, they were a canvas that the lights and sound painted and pasted on throughout the performance. Three then six dancers and singers drew us around the stage with the music in fluid motions. They only added, never subtracted or distracted. He played, they played, he played for two hours and we still wanted more. His smile of appreciation was genuine and we loved him for every minute of it.

I never realised I loved Talking Heads so much; it just grew. I saw the posters and had to see one of my heroes. His movements and words all have purpose – nothing is wasted or for show, yet it’s all for show – entertainment with meaning, without preaching, complaints or anger. Beautiful observations of human life set to vibrant pumping music.


  1. Hey Ryan! Gosh I was so outdated. I only found out you had separated your blogs in 2. Looks like this is my first visit here.. not bad! I wasn’t familiar with David Byrne, but I’ll try to find out more in Youtube later.

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