Kaha Queer Youth Hui 2009

Kaha Queer Youth Hui 2009

This amazing conference was at Tapu Te Ranga Marae in Island Bay.

We were welcomed onto the marae in the traditional way, with a powhiri, waiata and hongi. Bruce Stewart introduced the place and its fairly unique history. Check out the website for his story, it’s fascinating. I haven’t felt such a spiritual connection to a place since living in Hanson St at the activist house. This was much stronger because of its history. It seems when people dedicate their lives to others their home builds up its own spirit that I can feel around me.

Youth work training – Some great ideas for getting people to come to grips with a potentially boring document: the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa New Zealand. We played memory games, talked about issues, did things with cards and rearranged sections. I’m making a submission, my other hobby.

Workshops – I’ve never done so many workshops in a row. Pretty sure this was the draining part of the weekend. I learned a lot from other people’s experiences and opinions. Sometimes I feel like Brooklynne and I are the only queer people we know – so valuable to get new outlooks, especially trans ones.

Concert – One minute I was asking the lady who taught us the waiata for its chords and the next I was second guitarist in Tiwhanawhana, accompanying about 30 singers and dancers. I joined their group!

Friends – Yay for new friends! I never got to go to things like this as an actual yoof of teen age so it was great to go and make lotsa new friends while I’m still vaguely young.

We voted at the end – to coincide with the Asia Pacific OutGames, Kaha Hui 2011 is going international!